Legal Videos

Court-admissible Day in the Life Documentaries are useful for custody cases in which there is a child at home who needs special care and one party is attempting to prove that the primary caretaker should work outside the home.

In these documentary-style videos we show what a day in the life of caring for that dependent child is like. We spend a day with the family documenting this care, as well as conducting up to two expert interviews with family health providers. These location shoots are part of the package as well as all editing and titles.

The documentary includes:
– Meeting with client and/or attorney prior to filming
– Identifying Activities of Daily Life (ADLs)
– Arrange filming schedule with client, family, caretakers and others
– Edit footage, photographs and other video provided by client
– Review rough edit with attorney
– Produce final edit
– Delivery of DVD and digital upload.

These videos are widely used in both family law and personal injury cases. In personal injury cases they are also known as Settlement Videos.

Such videos should be professionally produced for maximum impact in the courtroom or mediation and should include titles but not narration of any kind. As documentary filmmakers we have the knowledge, sensitivity and experience that uniquely qualifies us to produce Day in the Life Documentaries for Northern Colorado law practices. Utilizing professional high definition camera, audio, and lighting equipment we can deliver a quality documentary of between 6 and 15 minutes in length that will strengthen any court case.