Shari Due and Mona Maser founded Be Reel Parthena to combine their talents and passion for storytelling. Good storytelling connects people and draws them in–to your business, to your message. When a potential client makes a personal connection to you or your product through video, they remember you. At Be Reel Parthena we weave story into every project.

Shari has produced, including camera and editorial, several documentaries as a solo filmmaker including a documentary feature pilot program for a series on American Life to be aired on Algerian TV.  She is owner, producer and director at Be Reel Pictures.  For work samples visit Be Reel Pictures on YouTube.

Mona shot, produced and edited her first documentary 14 years ago.  Since then she has crewed for several Colorado independent films, produced short documentaries and directed three short films.  Mona is owner, producer and director at Parthena Productions.   See Mona on IMDB.

With over 20 years combined experience we can turn your vision into big screen reality.